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July 11 2011 @ 12:21am

TV Guide spoilers:

  • The premiere will be Elena’s 18th birthday
  • There will be a time jump from the season two finale to the season three premiere.
  • There will be some type of conflict so that the event doesn’t “reach its climax.”
  • Elena and Jeremy will be taking care of themselves now that they don’t need a guardian
  • "While Plec stresses she would never exploit her actors’ personal lives, she hints that ‘over the course of the season, Elena will be struggling with a deep, deep attraction toward Damon. That’s going to be a big problem for her.’"
  • "As will Rebecca, a yet-to-be-cast vampire from Stefan’s ‘darkest ripper days who loves that Stefan’s back to his bad behavior.’"


Rebecca (possibly called Becky) is described as: “wild, beautiful, spoiled vampire from Stefan’s dark “ripper” past. She comes to Mystic Falls eager to re-spark her long lost crush.

The audition script included these scenes, but these scenes are NOT guaranteed to be in the final episode.

First scene is in the 1920s in Chicago. She has a run in with a few men who are heckling while she is at the bar trying to enjoy the jazz singer. She is a vampire at this time. As one of the men tries to grab her, she grabs him hard and brings him down to his knees.

Next scene is present day Mystic Falls High School. Becky shows up and is signing up for Student Council. Caroline comes up to her and tells her it’s a smart move to join the council, that it looks great on college apps. Becky could care less and tells Caroline that she just wants to rule the entire student body. Caroline is puzzled by her, and then introduces herself to Becky. Becky calls out everything that Caroline has done at MF, and tells her she has sort of cyber stalked her. Caroline is flattered but asks why. Becky tells her she wants everything Caroline has. Caroline tells her she can’t just waltz in and have everything she has worked for. Becky tells her she can, that she’s been doing it for longer than Caroline count, that it is just that easy.

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    Elena will be struggling with a deep, deep attraction toward Damon. That’s going to be a big problem for her.!!!!!!!!...
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